Venue Scheduling

Attention Venue Owners & GM`s,

Have you ever hired a band that was poor quality or fit, too loud, started late, did not draw many fans to their performance, cost too much, drank too much?

Are you tired of bands calling & emailing everyday wasting your/employees time?

Allow Scotty Reed Entertainment Agency to do all the live music scheduling for your venue.  Almost 100 prescreened acts available through my agency alone. I also network with the other agents to make virtually ANY band available to your venue. Never get a bad band again.

Save yourself & employees all the phone calls, emails, screening, negotiating, meetings, scheduling, promotion, postering, contracts, & hassles. Delegate the band scheduling to an expert so you & employees can concentrate on running the restaurant & bar side of your business.

Generate more customers & profit with live entertainment !  Trust your band scheduling to an expert in the local music industry Scotty Reed Entertainment Agency. office  763.493.6333   email

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