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Click on artists name to view their website.  Scroll down, bands are grouped by genre ; rock, country, blues, jazz, irish/celtic, reggae, solo/duo, then alphabetically.

Please contact Scotty w/any questions. Do not contact any artists directly.

Scotty Reed      phone  763.493.6333       email


Belladiva ; 9 pc. show band w/3 female singers, R&B, Motown, dance, soul.

Bigly ;  4 pc. classic rock, variety, dance.  

Blue Steel ; 3 pc. 70`s-80`s classic rock, blues based rock.

Boogie Wonderland ; 6 pc. w/female singer, disco tribute, dance.

Casablanca Orchestra ; 10 pc. w/female singer, variety rock, R&B, dance.

Critical Mass ; 4-5pc. 70`s-00`s classic & current rock, some modern  country, add female singer if desired.

The Del Counts ; 5-6 pc. w/keybds, 50`s-60`s oldies R&R, 70`s-80`s classic rock, some traditional country, together over 50 years, members of Mn. Music Hall Of Fame.

The Express Band ; 6 pc. w/2 female singers, 70`s-90`s classic rock, dance.

High & Mighty ; 10 pc. w/2 female singers, R&B, soul, funk, dance, variety rock.

In The Fields ; 3pc. 70`s-00`s classic & current rock, pop, country.

Jack Knife & The Sharps ; Mn. best rockabilly artist, 3pc. w/upright bass.

Mick Sterling Bands ; 5-12 pc. rock, soul, americana, funk, blues. Bands include The Stud Bros, Tributes to Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Bee Gee`s, Huey Lewis, etc.

Mojo Monks ; 5pc. w/female singer, 70`s-00`s variety rock, dance, modern country.

Music Junkies ;  5pc. w/2 female singers, classic/current rock, top 40, dance.

The R-Factor ; 6-10 pc. w/female singers, R&B, soul, dance, variety rock.

Rockin` Hollywoods ; 5 pc. 50`s-60`s oldies R&R, some 70`s-80`s classic rock.

Saintrio ; 3 pc. 70`s-80`s classic rock, some oldies R&R & traditional country.

Soul Tight Committee ; 10 pc. w/female singer, horn section, soul, R&B, dance.

Stimulus Package ; 4 pc. w/female singer, 70`s-90`s classic rock, modern country rock, pop, dance.

Sugar Buzz ; 5 pc. w/female singer, 70`s-90`s classic rock.


Chris Brooks & The Silver City Boys ; 4-5 pc. traditional & current country, country rock, southern rock, formerly The Mason Dixons.

Sherwin Linton ; 5 pc. w/female singer, traditional country, Johnny Cash tribute.

Shane Martin Band ; 5 pc. modern country, country rock, Nashville style originals, rock, pop.

Jason Paulson Band ; 3-6pc. country rock, southern rock, americana, originals, female accordian/singer, add harmonica.


Tom Hunter Band ; 3-5 pc. blues, jazz, lounge, very good keybd/vocalist.

Big George Jackson ; 3-5 pc. authentic Chicago blues w/harmonica, strong band.

RJ Mischo ; 4-5 pc. national artist, Chicago & west coast blues w/excellent harmonica.

Scotty Reed Band ; 4-5 pc. traditional Chicago Chess Records style, west coast swing, jump blues including harmonica & upright bass, regularly add Bruce McCabe on keybd.

Steve V & the Knockouts ; 4-5pc. Chicago blues w/harmonica, personable front man.

Lisa Wenger Band ; 5 pc. w/female singer, soul, R&B, blues, veteran players.


Arne Fogel ; 3-6 pc. jazz standards, swing, w/keybd, add upright bass, drums, horn

Maud Hixson 2-6 pc. jazz standards, pop w/keybd, add upright bass, guitar, drums, horn.

Charmin Michelle ; 2-6 pc. jazz standards, swing w/keybd, add upright bass, guitar, etc.

Connie Olson ; 2-6 pc. jazz standards, pop, w/keybd, add upright bass, guitar, etc.

Alison Scott ; 2-5 pc. w/female singer/songwriter/keybd, jazz, R&B, funk, & originals.

Jason Weismann ; 4-5 pc. jazz standards, contemporary jazz, ala Michael Buble`.

Irish / Celtic

Legacy ; 4 pc. w/female whistle player, traditional irish/celtic.

Locklin Road ; 3 pc. w/female singer, traditional irish/celtic, mandolin.

Sweet Colleens ; 5 pc. traditional & contemporary irish/celtic, irish folk rock.


Cyril Paul & The Calypso Monarchs ; 5 pc. reggae, soca, steel drums avail.

I-Roots ; 5 pc. reggae, calypso, soca, steel drums avail.

Island Soul ; 5 pc. reggae, calypso, R&B, soul, steel drums avail.

The Maroons ; 4-6 pc. reggae, calypso, soca, ska.

Tropical Breeze ; 3-5 pc. reggae, calypso, steel drums avail.

Solo / Duo

American Gypsy ; solo female guitar, rock, folk rock, blues, irish, storytelling, crowd interaction.

Lynn Brownell ; solo keybd, 70`s-80`s soft classic rock, pop, lounge, folk rock, requests.

Rebekka Fisher ; solo keybd, R&B, Motown, funk, pop rock, originals.

Chris Herriges ; solo/duo guitar, classic rock, pop rock, folk rock, requests.

Tom Hunter ; solo keybd or duo w/guitar, blues, jazz, lounge, originals.

Joe “Jambo” Bones ; solo guitar or duo w/female singer, classic rock, folk rock, country, Jimmy Buffet tribute.

Jeff James ; solo guitar w/looper accompaniment, variety rock, country, blues, requests, huge songbook displayed for patron requests.

Spider John Koerner ; solo guitar, harmonica, traditional american folk, blues.

Mare Lennon ; solo guitar, 70`s-90`s soft classic rock, folk rock, pop rock, originals.

Michael Loonan ; solo keybd, 70`s-00`s variety rock, jazz, classical, requests, singalongs.

Jeff Loven ; solo guitar w/programmed accompaniment, one man show, variety rock.

Shane Martin ; solo guitar w/foot percussion & bass pedal accompaniment, one man acoustical jam, modern country, rock, pop, originals.

Pete McGraw ; solo keybd, 70`s-90`s classic rock, variety rock.

Jason Paulson ; solo or duo, country rock, southern rock, americana, originals

Kelly Peterson ; solo guitar w/programmed accompaniment, 70`s-90`s classic rock.

Trick ; duo, 2 guitars, 70`s-00`s classic & current rock.

Tom Wavra ; solo guitar, duo add drums, 70`s-80`s classic rock.

Please contact Scotty with any questions. Do not contact any artists directly.

Scotty Reed        phone  763.493.6333       email

Scott`s Canon `11-`12 368


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